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My Paintings as Prints

Introduction to this gallery
The prints shown in the galleries are made from Frances (White Moon) Kephart Chernicoff's original acrylic and gouache paintings
To know who Frances is, see her related information

The images shown in the galleries on the following pages are digitally created from Frances Kephart Chernicoff paintings. The standard modus for the development of each print consists of [1} photographs of the painting in various formats,

[2] selection of the most usable image,

[3] creating a test image involving image balance and cleaning,

[4] processing the image through multiple editing programs designed to bring out the characteristics of the paint and painted image, [5] following several print tests with a 4-ink printer, the final image is sized and printed with a 6-ink printer on a choice of papers, which include canvas paper, high quality presentation paper, and/or Velvet high fiber cotton paper.

The end result is a print looking very much like an actual painting. The computer programs accentuate the depth of colors and brush and/or palette knife strokes, providing a strong finished print.

Final prints are made as orders are received, and are available in sizes up to 13"x19". Prints are framed, most with with a mat. Since each print is made as a separate production, each print can be considered an original; depending upon size, print production of each is limited to 125 copies down to 50 copies., with each piece signed, dated, and titled prior to shipping.

Print pricing includes shipping - United States only, and shipping cost outside of the United States is discounted by what the local rate would be.

Frances can be contacted using this email form

A variety of Frances's "free style" work is shown in the galleries listed below>
Copyright on displayed images is NOT on purchased prints

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