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Fransart.net will be officially opened November 20, 2021...these two pages have been uploaded for technical testing and will remain as regular pages
Introduction to this gallery
The prints shown the galleries are made from Frances (White Moon) Kephart Chernicoff's original acrylic and gouache paintings:

  • 8x10 (inches)
    • media sizes range from a matted 4x6 to full non-matted 8x10

  • 12x16 size (inches)

  • frame and mat is standard for both sizes; frames are primarily black, barnwood brown, and "barnwood" grey

  • Four museum quality papers are used, depending on the specific print. These are 100% cotton fibre acid free high color finish; showroom presentation paper; glossy photo paper; canvas paper. Additionally, prints are made with a six-ink printer designed for top quality work.
  • Pricing of all sizes are package prices - includes frame and shipping (shipping included only for continental United States)
  • Copywrite on gallery images are not on purchased prints
  • Visit Fran's sister site for her Acrylic and Gouache paintings VISIT
  • To contact fransart.net ... email
Print prices vary, based upon printing process, from $60 for 8x10 to $150 for 12x16
depending upon the printing process.
Prints are created upon request, so each print is an original work.
A new site promotional discount of 25% is in effect until January 20, 2022